Pathway to a Virtualized & Automated Network Infrastructure

Telecom networks are gradually being turned into a software centric and automated infrastructure enabled by groundbreaking artificial intelligence, machine learning, NFV and SDN technologies. At the upcoming China SDN/NFV Conference in Beijing, you have an unsurpassed opportunity to learn about the latest developments and discuss a wide range of critical issues. Whether your network transformation initiatives is at the planning and research stage or getting underway, this timely event provides an exceptional education to ensure you succeed every step of the way. Register today!

  • World class educational program featuring global leaders addressing automation, edge computing, orchestration and management, SDN integration, standardization, interoperability, NFV and SDN in 5G and other topics.
  • Official annual event of the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance that promotes the readiness of SDN and NFV for commercial applications and the healthy development of the industry.
  • Exceptional opportunity for stakeholders from the entire ecosystem to come together to align their visions, exchange ideas, share knowledge and address challenges to deployment. Over 1,300 delegates to meet and network with.
  • A comprehensive exhibition of ready-to-deploy technologies and solutions from incumbent vendors and upstarts.
  • Two-days of information packed keynotes, panel discussions, technical seminars and workshops that allows you stay on top of current and future trends.

Event Organizing Committee

Wei Leping
President, SDN/NFV Industry Alliance;
Deputy Director, Science & Technology Committee, Ministry of Industry & Information Technology;
Director, Science & Technology Committee, China Telecom

Jiang Lintao
Director of Science & Technology Committee, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Wang Zhiqin
Deputy Director, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Zhao Huiling
Chairman, Network and Services Capability Technical Committee, CCSA;
Chair, Technical Committee, Information Communication Network, CIC


SDN/NFV Industry Alliance


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